Samsung Store at Al-Hamra

I came across Samsung store at Al-Hamra the other day, and I got to admit, Finally they decided to open a showroom a proper place. with devices booming like The Galaxy S3, Note, Tab….etc it is good to know that they are all available in one convenient location. Now you can go properly play with the devices, ask for information, buy accessories…etc.


I liked the store, very spacious, well organized. You will notice (pictures below) that each product line got its own table. There is table for Samsung Cameras, a table for the Tablets, another for Laptops, one for the Galaxy S3…etc. Also, they have a good range of official Samsung accessories in store. You should check the store out.IMG_20121219_180641 IMG_20121219_181503 IMG_20121219_181508 IMG_20121219_181516 IMG_20121219_181524 IMG_20121219_181529



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